Winter Camp

2023 Winter Camp Enrolling This Fall!

Come for one day or for the entire break! Each day includes programming for grades K–5 from 7:30am to 6pm with engaging activities, creative play, and snacks. Pricing is by day, with a sliding scale to fit your family’s budget. Stay tuned for enrollment options.

Check out all the fun we had in Winter 2022!

Week 1

Monday, December 19th
Arctic Expedition: Gym games and arctic animal crafts

Avoid the flying snowballs and try to catch the yeti during a full day of gym games and obstacle courses! Need a break? Craft an entire menagerie of arctic animals and a baby yeti, too.

Tuesday, December 20th
Winter Woodland: A nature scavenger walk and creative crafting

Capture the beauty of the season! You’ll start your morning outside, foraging for natural artifacts. You’ll spend the rest of your day creating an enchanting wintry diorama and a pine cone bird feeder, playing games, and drinking hot cocoa with whipped cream to keep you warm and cozy.

Wednesday, December 21st
Mythical Magic: Treasure hunt, crafts, and gym games

Saddle your unicorns and griffons, and set out on a journey of mythical proportions! Collect sparkling jewels in the dwarf mines in an epic treasure hunt. Craft sparkling wizard hats, wands, and shields. Finally, slay the dragon in a legendary gym game battle!

Thursday, December 22nd
A Fine Day for the Fine Arts: A trip to the Portland Art Museum

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” – Gustav Klimt
Get ready to draw some inspiration from a visit to the Portland Art Museum. You’ll spend a leisurely morning taking in the remarkable paintings and sculptures featured in their various galleries. In the afternoon, you’ll return to Friendly House to create a masterpiece of your own!

Friday, December 23rd
Swim Day: A trip to Mount Scott Community Pool

It’s summer in December! Bring your suit and towel because we’re off to one of Portland’s best indoor pools. Mount Scott offers fun for swimmers of all levels and kids of all ages and features a waterslide, tidepool, and a shallow-water play area for maximum aquatic fun!

Week 2

Tuesday, December 27th
Whatcha Got Cookin’?: Cooking and baking

A day dedicated to the culinary arts, and you are both the chef and the customer. Create and eat your own appetizer, side dish, main dish, and even a dessert! Between courses, enjoy crafting, free play, and gym games.

Wednesday, December 28th
Puppetry Day: Watch and create a puppet show

Get ready to trod the playboards! After an engaging performance by Pegasus Puppet Theatre, build your own tiny puppet theater along with a tiny cast of puppets to perform in it. Take it home and entertain your family!

Thursday, December 29th
New Year’s Bash: Crafts, gym games, and a dance party)

We’ll help you celebrate the coming year with sparkling costume hats, rowdy noise makers, and other shiny party favors. Play an assortment of countdown games in the gym and finish your day under the spinning disco lights of a smashing good dance party!

Friday, December 30th
Our Forest Home: A trip to the World Forestry Museum

Discover your connection to the forests! Climb aboard a stationary antique log-pulling locomotive, examine a five-million-year-old, 10,000-pound petrified stump and wander through the World Forestry Center’s fascinating Discovery Museum. A perfect way to enjoy the outdoors indoors on a cold, winter’s day!


Full and partial scholarships may be available to qualifying families. Scholarship applications are available through our enrollment website.