Friendly House is a natural gathering place.

As your local, nonprofit neighborhood center, we strive to provide not only the programming, but also the space you need to build community. From town halls, to support sessions, to martial arts classes, you’ll surely find the right room for your group rental. We look forward to ensuring that your next meeting or event is a big success!

Our Rooms

All rooms, except the gym, receive natural light and have windows that open to the outside air. Tables and chairs are available at no additional charge, with a projector and portable projector screen available for additional fees.


Keeston Room

Size: 30′ x 28′
Capacity: 80

Rates: 1 hour: $65, 4 hours: $220, 8 hours: $440


Garden Room

Size: 20′ x 29′
Capacity: 30

Rates: 1 hour: $45, 4 hours: $150, 8 hours: $300

East Room

Size: 29′ x 31′
Capacity: 45

Rates: 1 hour: $55, 4 hours: $180, 8 hours: $360

Crawford Gym*

Size: 48′ x 87′
Capacity: 300

Rates: 1 hour: $100, 4 hours: $350, 8 hours: $600

For more information or to reserve a room, contact us at: (503) 228-4391 and ask for CRE’s Program Director or email