Community Outreach Programming

Friendly House partners with Home Forward to provide Health and Wellness programming activities for residents at five of their properties in Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast Portland. Our programming initiatives provide residents with access to health and hygiene support, exercise classes, creative classes to boost cognition, and mindfulness workshops. 

How do we engage participants?

By delivering life-enhancing, tailored programming in well-being, the arts, lifelong learning and intergenerational opportunities, seniors and others are enabled to use their acquired skills in real-world ways to gain enrichment and mastery. Through our programs, participants experience the empowerment of intellectual and creative engagement, and improve their health at the same time. We have chosen housing as our platform to deliver programs that fully engage residents and provide them with dynamic intellectual and creative challenges as well as a healthy sense of self-fulfillment, value, and community, all at no cost to the participants.

“Remember, It’s Just Mud”

A beginners’ ceramics class designed to show the beauty in mistakes and starting over.

Chair Yoga

A great way to receive the relaxing and strengthening benefits of yoga without the challenge of getting down to and up from the floor.

Celebrating Cultural Art Class

Combining creativity and culture to invite residents to express their identities and explore commonalities with others.

Health Chats and Stress Reduction Conversations

Discussions centering around techniques for alleviating stress, such as breathing techniques and meditation, that help support the body and mind in everyday life, and during times of compromised environmental health.

More information can be found on Home Forward’s website.

Friendly Thoughts

I like the different people—the community. It’s not me vs. them anymore, but now it’s ‘us’ together. Not everybody is involved in the community, but enough are. I think everything that’s been brought in with Friendly House and EngAGE has made that possible.

Community Outreach participant