Bridge Builders

Pledge your support for Friendly House!

Pledged giving is an important way to support Friendly House. Pledges allow you to make a more significant commitment than you might otherwise make through a one-time donation by spreading payments over a period of time. Pledged giving not only supports our mission, but it allows Friendly House to plan for the future.

There are two options for pledged giving at Friendly House: Bridge Builder Pledges and Monthly Giving.

Bridge Builders

A Bridge Builder pledge is a donation made in scheduled payments over three years at the $500 level or above. Less than $42 a month is all it takes to start supporting Friendly House in this essential way. Our Bridge Builders are at the heart of Friendly House. You’ll receive special recognition at events and in publications, a custom-designed lapel pin by local jeweler betsy + iya, and many special opportunities as befit key supporters of our organization.

Bridge Builder Annual Pledge Levels

Fremont Bridge: $10,000 & up
Broadway Bridge: $5,000–$9,999
Steel Bridge: $2,500–$4,999
St. John’s Bridge: $1,000–$2,499
Thurman St. Bridge: $500–$999

Each pledge amount is per year, for three years.

Many Rivers Monthly Givers

To be a part of our monthly giving program means you make a monthly commitment to support Friendly House at any level for a set term of your choice. In the often-inconsistent world of nonprofit donations, your recurring gift helps us to have income to rely on month after month. Monthly donors of any amount become one of our Many Rivers Monthly Givers, with access to ongoing information, opportunities and special recognition.

Becoming a pledged giver is simple.

If you would like to have your pledge charged to your credit or debit card visit our recurring donation page.

Complete the information on the page, including the amount of the periodic payment, the frequency of the payment and the number of payments. Enter your card information and submit the pledge. We will take care of the rest, including sending payment notifications and an annual summary of your support.

If you would like to make a pledge to pay by check or other method, or you have questions about becoming a pledged giver, email or call (503) 228-4391 and we can set up your pledge in a way that suits you best.

We thank our 2019 Bridge Builders and Many Rivers Monthly Givers—you are making a difference in our community every day!

Fremont Bridge

$10,000+ per year

Ruth C. Roth

Broadway Bridge

$5,000–$9,999 per year

Regina Hauser & Chris Carson

Steel Bridge

$2,500–$4,999 per year

Adriane Blackman
Amy O’Neill
John & Joyce Clinton Evans
Michael and Heidi Funke

St. Johns Bridge

$1,000–$2,499 per year

Dylan McCreary & Andrew Mulanax

Lindsay Hoffman & Bowen Fisher

Borkan Family
Sarah & John Ferguson
Aaron & Lana Lande
Bette & Dale Hess
Deborah Sposito
Frank & Karen Halvorsen
Jaimee & Adam King
Jake Warr
Jan Pailthorp
Jay & Mary Ann Watson
Jerard Weigler
Kristol & Ben Cohn

Liz Schilling
Marianne & Noah Zuckerman
Michael & Gloria Borg Olds
Miranda Weigler
Monique & Ryan Eldridge
Nancy Hashimoto
Nancy Winter
Oscar & Mary Mayer
Ted & Debbie Kaye
Ted Nelson

Thurman St. Bridge

$500–$999 per year

Adam Menendez
Bob Clay & Susan Marmaduke

Charlotte Rubin
Dan Hupala
David Hawkins
Dawnn & Doug Eikenberry
Debra & Gregg Lande
Denise Lafond
Elizabeth & Ryan Fosmark
Ellen Goldschmidt
Farshad & Roma Barman
Frances Merz-Phinney
Heather & Paul Kirshman
Hugo Cuellar
Isaac Barrow
Jason & Gregory Campbell
Jennifer & Robert Hendrickson
Jennifer & Tom Saunders
Joanna Prestwich & Steven Shea
Jeanne Martin & John Farago
Juliet Williams
Kate Levine
Kenneth S. & Jeanette M. Martin
Laurie Rossnagel & Mackenzie Smith
Mary & Mike Perrault
Michael Simon
Mya Chamberlin
Natalie Smargiassi
Raymond Draskovich
Rob & Sandra Oberdorfer
Stacey and Brad Weldon
Susan Stone
Tricia & Ron Bergman
Vaune Albanese & Eileen McCleary
Wendy Hain

Many Rivers Monthly Givers

Recurring contributions at any level

Brandy Turnbull & Jennifer Huang
Caleb McConachie
Charles Donald & Steve Lewis
Deborah Stein
Dr. Joel Godbey
Edward Woods
Ellen Ankenbrock
Emily Scripter
Jacqueline Tate
Janis McDonald
Jerry Harris
Joan Shireman
Judith Smith
Kathleen A. Bambeck
Martha Hamil
Marylee & Dave Morris
Michael & Jessica Marlitt
Peggy Hackenbruck
Rebecca & Victor Trillo
Richard Schuller
Sherry Archer
Susan Reid
Terri Warren
William & Carol Greer
Selene Robinowitz