Covid-19 Update


To Our Precious Friendly House Community:

Based on information from public health authorities, Friendly House is making additional modifications to our daily operations with the goal of keeping our community, staff and volunteers healthy and safe during these unprecedented times.

Friendly House will close its facilities to the public to do our part to help “flatten the curve” of the virus until it is safe to resume in person programming. Friendly House will have staff taking calls between 11am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. Our number is (503) 228-4391.

When calling Friendly House during this window, you will reach a customer service representative who will be working remotely from home and will respond to your questions or have the appropriate person call you back. Additionally, Senior Program and SAGE staff will continue to be in phone contact with older adult clients regularly to help meet critical needs. If you are an older adult needing assistance or referral, contact our Senior Program at (503) 224-2640. Staff may deliver food boxes, medicine, etc. without face-to-face contact with the recipient.

We are committed to finding creative ways to engage with our community during this time. Staff and volunteers from all Friendly House programs have mobilized to engage the community in creative ways, such as Facebook Live story time and arts sessions, live streaming of fitness classes, and daily phone check-ins with our older adult clients, in addition to essential services like food and medicine delivery. We continue to work towards the goal of making Friendly House a virtual online community for everyone. We welcome your support and ideas for ways we can continue to build community, one friend at a time during this crisis. We will be using our Facebook and email to communicate plans as they develop.

Friendly House’s Leadership Team, which includes program directors, fundraising and administrative staff, will be conducting virtual meetings daily to reevaluate as new information becomes available, and to work towards the goal of making Friendly House a virtual online community for everyone. Let us know if you’d be interested in contributing your time, talents or treasure to support these endeavors.

We love our neighbors and have seen, countless times, how our community comes together to support one another. We’ll be sharing examples of this with all of you for as long as it takes before we gather together in person again.

In solidarity with you all,

Friendly House Staff and Board