November 2021

Christy Marten

“Friendly House is an amazing organization that supports our community from their first steps to their last.”

People have a way of finding Friendly House when they are in need of community. Christy is one of these people.

“On my son’s first day of preschool, we were greeted at the door by his smiling and enthusiastic teacher. It was hard for me to leave, but his teacher gently told me to go outside to the goodbye window. Outside, I saw my smiling son waving at me. It wasn’t easy dropping off my son, but the goodbye window made it such a positive experience. Through the preschool, I met some of my dearest friends. My husband and I also appreciated the parenting and balancing classes. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to learn about effective parenting and to also have childcare and dinner with other Friendly House parents and friends!”

After her involvement in Friendly House Children’s Programs, Christy began participating in other ways.

“When my boys ‘graduated’ from Friendly House, I was asked to join the board and the Program & Planning Committee. Embarrassingly, before I joined the board and P&P, I only knew about the preschool, after school programs and summer camps. I was amazed to learn about the support that Friendly House provides for our neighborhood: support for senior and the LGBTQ+ communities, education classes, community nights, plus a gym and fitness center.”

Christy’s willingness to join the board and dedicate more of her time towards supporting our community is admirable and greatly appreciated. When asked what has been the most meaningful part of her time at Friendly House, Christy says:

“I have been most proud of Friendly House during the last 18 months with the support that they have provided our community during the pandemic. At every board and Program & Planning meeting, I was amazed to learn of the grants that secured rent, food, utilities and other expenses for people and their families who suffered from COVID-19. I was so impressed with Dan’s patience and flexibility as he figured out how to successfully implement childcare. And—as someone who virtually tutored 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders at Chapman through a nonprofit organization—I was so excited about Student Success at Home. This amazing program assisted students with distance learning during the pandemic. Some volunteers provided academic support while others provided social support. Today, this program continues as Complete Student Support.”

Christy joined our community because she needed us, but her dedication to Friendly House via her participation in our board and Program & Planning Committee have made it clear that we need her just as much.

“Friendly House is an amazing organization that supports our community from their first steps to their last. My passion is children, and I have been so impressed with their Children’s Programs that provide education and enrichment in their preschool, after school, camps and Complete Student Support… I do seem to use the word amazing often when talking about Friendly House.”

A huge thank you to Christy for sharing her story and being a part of this project!

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