September 2021

“Faces of Friendly House” painting by Ellen Goldschmidt

“Human connections are deeply nurtured in the field of shared story.”
– Jean Houston

Dear Friends,

For the past 19 months or so, we have all had the incredible challenge of having to physically distance ourselves from our greater communities and support systems. While making this sacrifice is, of course, the most important thing we can do, it is also undeniably difficult. As the number of COVID-19 cases decreased this spring and summer, one thing became very clear: it is remarkable what a difference seeing a friendly face in person can make.

Throughout the ever-unpredictable pandemic, Friendly House has done its best to adapt and continue to be the hub of community that it has always been. This has manifested as moving many of our classes and events to online platforms, offering programs to help students succeed while doing school online, and developing new services for older adults to make sure they are supported and cared for. While these drastic changes highlight the flexibility of our community, they also reflect that our ability to connect with each other in the ways that we are used to has diminished significantly.

In order to maintain the feeling of close community that Friendly House has always fostered, we are launching a new project! Entitled “The Faces of Friendly House”, this project will feature a different member of our community every other week. Each feature will discuss the individual’s involvement with Friendly House and will tell their story. Staff, volunteers, program participants, board members, and more will all be highlighted. Beginning next week, we will be shining a well-deserved light on individuals and their fascinating Friendly House stories. Stay tuned to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. Even though we may not always be able to be together in person, we still want to remind you of the amazing people who make Friendly House magical.

If there is someone whose story you would like to hear or if you would like to share your Friendly House story, please reach out to us by emailing



Eva Myers
Friendly House Development Assistant